Catnip nipped and tucked


There are a few different variations in cover designs for this  bootleg, but I couldn’t find any coherent back covers with track listings at the time, so I compiled this one to go with this front cover variant. It’s a nice bootleg, especially considering that it’s an audience recording


Prince of the encores


Prince 2011 frontprince back 2011

An impressively lengthy set from Prince, one of a 21 night run in Los Angeles (not all at the same venue). I slightly edited the original bootleg cover  to fit all the details on for putting in a wallet rather than box and added a rear cover (with a photo from another fan site I can’t find again)  since I couldn’t find any trace of one. Used to be on Panic Stream, presumably being taken off when Prince launched a legal assault on bootleggers a few years ago

Sonjas freebies

curved airacurved airb

This is a collection of all the tracks that were available for free on Sonja Kristinas site about, ooh, 10 years ago, except Anna, from “Songs from the Acid Folk” which I seem to have accidentally missed .These tracks are not available there now, but, if you got them when they were (preferably an identical set, of course) and have been waiting all this time for covers – here the are! And just in case you had a different selection, here’s an editable back cover to complete accordingly:

curved airc

Dead in the field of War

Rick Griffin Grateful Dead Reckoning Album Preliminary Art

More from the massive run of Warfield Theatre/Radio City 1980 recordings for the 2 succeeding 1981 live sets, these from 6th7th of October. I couldn’t think of a more apt cover than this Rick Griffin preliminary sketch for Reckoning! The recordings are OK, only partial (and non-downloadable) Soundboard recordings seem to be in circulation and the audience recordings available are OK but not stellar. Nonetheless, i enjoyed listening to them!

Happy and Grateful New Year! (34 years ago)


And not even quite new year, so I suppose it’s more like happy Christmas week! But it’s what there is. The Grateful Dead live in the San Francisco Civic Auditorium, 27 December 1983. I’ve got this soundboard copy, so I guess it must have been available for download from the Live Archive for a while, which it now isn’t, although I’d guess some of the available  audience recordings (or dts matrix, if it’s what you want) from the night are likely as good, or near as.

Yes – Back to Front Sun


This is what I used for the front cover for the impressive “Heart of the Rising Sun” Yes box set, a 6 CD set of the 4 concerts in Japan from 8-12 March 1973.  Using slip covers as I do, the beautiful pic which (in its original format) served as the back cover for each single CD box was spurious (I just used the double sided inserts), but I preferred to use it to the original “one of a million edits of an original Yes cover” front cover. So I did