Dead Deer Creek 1995


It’s the official photo augmented with background art from the gdao! I used the one on the right in the end, in case you’re wondering…… The second show didn’t happen as a result of a collapsing wall, so the rather lovely poster is for this concert and this concert only


Kinetic Dead

grateful dead 22-4-69

This was for a partial recording of 26/4/1969, from the original GDlive mp3 section – which doesn’t appear to be active on the site currently, and if it were ever on the shn page, was presumably taken off as a result of being partly released  as Dicks Pick 26 –  nonetheless this ensemble of stuff from the original poster, gdao and deviant art will come in handy for those after the whole show or the missing bits, since DP26 took most of the meat from 27/4/69. it’s on here