Classic combo Grateful Dead/ New Riders of the Purple sage 15-5-1970


A conservative cover for a classic show – again, partially officially released since I copied it. The full show with NRPS is the quintessential example of the period where they’d alternate sets with each other.


also on sugarmegs, and gdlive, but how complete it still is there I haven’t checked


Pink Floyd LA wall 1980


I couldn’t find a decent cover for this concert at the time, so I re-used a cover for another performance for which there was an abundance of cool bootleg covers…. the audio is here


Grobschnitt in Cologne


Actually, looks like it had the wrong dates when I did these covers. Ooops!


Grateful Dead Ventura 1987

87-07-1314f87-07-1314b using for filler.

The art here is just from 3 envelopes for ticket orders for the relevant gigs from…… that’s from envelopes sent with checks in to order tickets…. madness! Makes you wonder what percentage of global fan art is dedicated to the Grateful Dead…..


Pell Mell Gymnasium

Pell Mell

This is quite a cool obscurity with excellent sound originally from here…….

Unusually, had a back cover (displaying on the entry for this show on T.U.B.E.) but not a front one, so….


Grateful Dead in Berkeley 1984


This is a well re-used image, but I thought I’d use it for one of the concerts it was actually made for


faffed with crawling KSAN


“It crawled out of the vaults of KSAN” was an impressive collection all on 24hourdejavu, with uniform posterage….. the picture quality was relatively low, however. So, I went looking for a better quality picture of the poster used and found a whole host of other promotional posters, and couldn’t resist faffing around…..