King Crimson Comp Back


Another back cover for a front cover that didn’t have one, this time for a King Crimson compilation – Fan Food from Elastic Rock. Minimalist.


Pink Floyd Dumb in ‘Dam


This is a cover renamed from a released bootleg (“Green is the colour”) for a different gig in the same city about a year and a month later….. (17/9/1969). Pink Floyd are so heavily bootlegged that some of their better (especially relatively rare early soundboard) recordings have bevy upon bevy of cool covers….. the Man and the Journey gig has at least 2 other cool covers (which match the concept show performed more succinctly – this one and this one to be exact) for the whole concert, but I liked this one so I decided to use it for this excellent instrumental gig (9/8/1968)… I used the back cover from the bootleg for the relevant recording, but I just thought the front cover looked a bit dour to reflect this rainbow bright show….

The gig itself is on here, and the back cover/original front cover are on here. The title, Celestial instruments, is used on both and repeated here – its just too apt to discard!