Even more Fillmore with the Grateful Dead 6 June 1970


I don’t often go for matching series covers, but there you go.. anyway, this one at least appears to be complete on gdlive, which is nice

++update 17/12/2015++

Seems that there is a good quality downloadable version of the New Riders of the Purple Sage support set  at the Internet Archive – combine them both in traditional fashion for a 3 CD set!



Crimson improvisations



Back covers for King Crimson compilations “The Improvs vol.s 1 and 2” on http://www.elasticrock.blogspot.com/search/label/King%20Crimson 

You probably can’t even get these anymore, but for those who can or already have…..and want back covers for them…..

I realise this is a bit niche!


The Grateful Dead at the festival that time forgot


For some reason, even on covers for the show, this gig is tagged more prominently by location (International Speedway) rather than event (Miami Rock Festival), which barely seems to be mentioned by anyone at all! So I decided to go the other way around. It’s on here, downloadable from here at gd1969-12-28


Quicksilver Comp back


Another back cover for a comp which originally only had a front cover, this time for a Quicksilver Messenger Service compilation called Calvary from http://24hourdejavu.blogspot.gr/2010/12/calvary-not-cavalry.html. It’s a nice compilation – moody!