Baden-Baden Free Jazz Meeting 1969


The back cover info was compiled by someone anonymous, the cover’s from the original official lp of the event (which has a much smarter mix). I reformatted and renamed. On here


Santana Ypslinati 1975


The back is the front by someone else….. this has been released, although probably not legitimately.

Grateful Dead Houston 77


The cover is from an issue of “Unbroken Chain”. The gig itself is here, downloadable from here. Another cover for a full concert partially released, this time on Road Trips Vol 1 No 2


Back Page Village Gate Lifetime

williams 69

Tony Williams Lifetime at the Village Gate, New York, 1969. Another back cover for another front cover originally on Elastic Rock


The Grateful Dead on a train

festival express

festival express2

it’s the Grateful Dead and a few chums jamming on the 1970 Festival Express. Not the best recording, but has some nice rock n roll  jamming. The back cover was the originally planned front cover, which I’ve just added in because, well, it makes a good enough back cover in lieu of any others!


Popol Vuh in Milan 1975 (back cover)


Live Popol Vuh? Fantastic! I found this quite worthwhile, in contrast with whoever did the review on Elastic Rock, where the front cover is.