Lightning Dead – Las Vegas 30 May 1992


A show that’s famous for band/weather interactions


Cream – Synergy. Waltham 1967 and Boston 1968

synergy 1synergy 2a

Not so much a faff as a substitution! This 2 set bootleg has a perfectly respectable cover (see here), but I much preferred the 90’s style kitsch cover for another bootleg, “Waltham 68”, which has all of 1 and a little of the other of the same 2 concerts….. in other words, one had the content and the other had the style! I compiled the 4cd to 3cd, changed the back accordingly, and lifted both title (which sort of fits the new cover, I reckon) and title logo from the 4cd set and otherwise kept everything else from the 2cd version.  Also on Youtube, here

Compile your own Steal Your Face Volume 2

Grateful Dead - Steal Your Face Vol.2 - FrontGrateful Dead - Steal Your Face Vol.2 - Back

Well, that’s what I did anyway….those Winterland ’74 shows are really quite good, although avoiding everything from the movie and soundtrack and SYF was a bit challenging…. anyway, here’s a template for anyone who fancies doing the same. A couple of the shows on the archive are downloadable, 18/10/1974 being a partial soundboard, and 16/10/1974 an audience recording…. otherwise they’re all on as streaming. All downloadable, however, from here