More Bowie at the Beeb


This bootleg compilation fills all the gaps in the official Bowie at the Beeb collection, which is great, but the cover on T.U.B.E. is for a different 1 CD compilation, leaving this compilation without a bespoke cover of its own. Used the striking photo of the Davester from the back of a bootleg Ziggy period BBC comp, which itself is largely redundant if you’re happy with having this and the official release. Then decided to painstakingly bowdlerize yet another bootleg BBC comp for the not especially remarkable back cover, doing lots of fiddly text editing instead of just creating something properly new. Why did I do that?!? Some forgotten reason.


Scott Pilgrims back for the score

scott pilgrim

Not a bootleg, live recording or anything of the kind, this is a back cover for the official ‘blue’ soundtrack (Nigel Godrich score). As far as I could find this is only available in mp3 format and, unless I missed something, didn’t come with anything like a back cover for those who like to copy to CD. So I made one

Earliest Stereolab


Sheffield 24th September 1991. I was going to use a premade cover (on with the music on Koly, I thought originally on Rock Rare Collectors Fetish?) and just create a back cover, but the back I made didn’t match the front, and I’d also found some photos of the original line-up (is that Gina Morris?) crying out to be used on what looks to me to be the only pre-Mary bootleg recordings around. So I ended up doing front and back anyway..back cover waffle is by someone else…. maybe the original uploader?