Endless San Francisco Nights


The 16 CD (split between 2 sets of 8 CDs) San Francisco Nights collections are classic sources of a number of concerts, some for artists who otherwise wouldn’t register on the roio-a-scope. As far as I can tell, however, no-one’s been pretentious enough to do covers for the whole set …. So I’ve done some


The Grateful Dead at the Rosemont Horizon 10 March 1993


More collage from the wonderful envelope artists at http://www.gdao.org/ . Sourced only from the art for the specific concert, of course, otherwise I’d be browsing forever…… notice that the bearded figure next to Garcia looks more like Brent Mydland than Vince Welnick, which, when taken with the movie outtakes cover, make it seem like I’m trying to propagate a myth that he had a longer tenure than he did! Maybe he’s easy to draw or something…..

This is in full on gdlive – excellent performances of many songs, particularly for so late in their career – even some of the weaker songs good!