James Macmillan – Early works


This was a whole set of obscure works by the composer. Likely to be obscure itself by now since it’s no longer available to listen to!┬áBut if you’ve got it, here’s a cover

I decided to create a template for Radio 3 recordings based on their rather snazzy website. Hopefully this will be recognised as admiration and flattery, if anyone even notices!


Wembley it is or Wembley it isn’t for, um, Yes?


I slightly edited the back of the rather cool cover of this Yes bootleg to reflect an alleged misattribution as being at the LA Forum on the 16th October 1978 when it is actually supposed to be the Wembley Stadium gig in London on the 28th December of the same year.

It seems there is still raging controversy (see bottom of this page) over whether it’s Wembley or not, and even if so, whether the highly circulated FM broadcast gig, or another gig recorded the same day

Ho hum! All I know is it’s the coolest cover there is for the Wembley gig

whether it is or, well, not