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Sometimes I used to do amalgamated back covers for classic LP bootlegs for Pink Floyd, compiled from other LPs or CD bootlegs…. which is what this is. A new back cover for a version of the classic cover of the Classic 1972 Böblingen gig by Pink Floyd. The picture is in my book a better cover image than the classic cover, but I already had another Floyd bootleg called Echoes, plus the renaming of said track multiple times is something of a tradition (which the echoes bootleg doesn’t), so ROTSON with new back cover it was to be. Just like the Floyd, nothing worthwhile wasted…..


Lyceum Softs

sm lyceum 1969sm lyceum 1969 B

Just another cover for just another Soft Machine gig on Elastic Rock, although rather than doing a missing back cover for a provided front cover, this largely involves faffing around with the front cover to revert to original Black and White (of the original image as used for one of the many issues of volume two) and an admittedly lazy superimposition of track listing over the image I’m assuming was provided for the back cover