Oude you Floyd it?


One of the classic (and few) bootlegs of Syd Barretts Pink Floyd – Oude-Ahoy, Rotterdam, 12 October 1967. This is the back cover to this release, probably the most prevelantly known version of the boot. I added a picture from a forgotten twofer with the Star Club bootleg which I already had  a copy of separately with this rather tasty cover, but decided to use this cover for the front of the Oude CD.  Maybe the original front cover for this release is better – I think the whole 20 years ago banner on the cover irked me at the time, for some reason


Dead Red Rocks


The Dead (The Grateful Dead without Garcia, that is, who nonetheless became Grateful again recently presumably to more highly publicize their goodbye gigs), playing 5 nights in Red Rocks, Colarado, 15-20th of June 2004. It’s the first I’ve listened to any post-Garcia  stuff other than Phil Lesh and friends, and it’s actually quite good! Lots of jamming. All Audience records from the Live Archive, where there are predictably multiple recordings for each gig