Jethro Tull Hammersmith ’84 expanded


Jethro Tull live at the Hammersmith Odeon London, September 9th 1984. Originally an hour broadcast as part of the Radio 1 Friday Night Rock Show, this was officially released as such (ages later and ages ago), but the full show is on Wolfgangs vault. This is the back cover for those who want to use the cover from the former, but the full music from the latter.


Back Page Black Sab Jam


For some reason I ended up copying the Ontario Speedway “California Jam” gig on April 6th 1974 by Black Sabbath 3 times – all versions seemed to be slightly different recordings (one I think was a rehash of Gr’ndlepol, a classic bootleg with some tracks from another gig (Asbury 75?) so had completely different versions of a couple of songs). Anyway, for reasons best left as being too much time on my hands I copied¬†3 different covers, one of which didn’t seem to have a back cover, so I made this. Inaccuracies are deliberate – it’s a bootleg, right?