Welcome to another blog of covers for unofficial live recordings – the glorious imaginary record label Killer Banana Records!

The covers are originals, adaptions or amendments of other CD covers

Mostly the covers are in what I suppose you could see as “vinyl replica” style, square, without the sidebars for the spine of CD boxes…. this is because I usually put CDs in thin plastic wallets rather than CD boxes, originally because of storage space issues…..

Usually there will be both front and reverse covers (I usually burn to CD), and sometimes I do just back covers to go with front covers  that are already available (1 sided bootleg covers/covers from other bloggers/ etc.). I also sometimes create hybrid versions of covers created elsewhere where I like bits of several, re-use what I think are less “canonical” covers for other recordings, or simply fiddle with covers from others when the whim takes me.

My Grateful Dead collection is in a large CD holder, so I usually only do front covers for them in particular, in case you’re wondering, (assuming anyone ever reads this…)

Hope you like them!



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