Grateful Dead Hampton ’79 outtakes


Grateful Dead 4th May 1979 – outtakes from the 2LP. The remnants fit neatly onto a single CD…. I dutifully listened to the whole thing in order between the CD and LP. There’s no circulating SBD, which makes the LP all the cooler, but then there is an entirely lovely AUD anyway!


MOAM triptych

moam tryptich 2

I got a bit carried away with this one. I don’t even need 3 covers, since I just use CD wallets….. The art is from Deviant Art.  The gig is from the 23rd of May 1999 at the 9:30 Club in Washington DC, and the recording is here


Dogs and Sheeps got Daves back

1975 a

I liked this picture so much I decided to add it from one bootleg to be the back for another (the slightly more classic “Dogs and Sheeps” bootleg) for the same gig at the LA Sports Arena, April 26th 1975 (both covers are on the Pink Floyd Concert Database) . Just minor fiddling with the writing, to add the title and amend the set list to match what I had prepared from the recording from the Brain Damage Podcast 

Guess Who, back for the Ambassador


The Guess Who? At the Ambassador, St Louis, Missouri, 6th of May 1974. Pretty good concert, nice recording. Used the recording and front cover from 24hourdejavu, because it’s slightly quirky and because the other front cover was just a reproduction of the Paramount live LP cover, which I’ve got. Re-arranged the back, however, from the latter because it didn’t reflect the arrangement from 24hourdejavu, which this back cover does.

Robin in Boston

Robin Trower 1977-10-16-frbRobin Trower 1977-10-16-bk

Robin Trower live in Boston Music Hall 16th of October 1977. I used Plumdusty’s swanky pre-existing covers, but preferred the pictures on the inside to the outside, so I switched them onto the outside instead (which are all I use in my slim plastic CD wallets),  largely to get what is hopefully a moodier look from the resultingly tighter colour scheme.