Dead Red Rocks


The Dead (The Grateful Dead without Garcia, that is, who nonetheless became Grateful again recently presumably to more highly publicize their goodbye gigs), playing 5 nights in Red Rocks, Colarado, 15-20th of June 2004. It’s the first I’ve listened to any post-Garcia  stuff other than Phil Lesh and friends, and it’s actually quite good! Lots of jamming. All Audience records from the Live Archive, where there are predictably multiple recordings for each gig

The ART of Thunder & Lightning


Thunder & Lightning (Individually billed on the poster:  John Cipollina,  Nick Gravenites, Doug Kilmer and Greg Anton) Live for a benefit for old Psychedelic artists trying to regain/control  copyrights for their work. The event ran annually for several years, with different musicians performing


Full Sabbath at Fresno


Black Sabbath Live in Fresno 22nd of September 1978. Teeny tiny amendments made to the back cover of this bootleg to accommodate the whole 2CD concert (the original presumably sacrifices (aaargh!) the lengthy solos to cram it onto 1 CD). I think my copy actually has the Supertzar intro, but I didn’t think it was worth splitting off as a separate track.

Dicks Picks Leftovers – Volume 4


Full 14/2 leftovers:


14/2 early only (from SBD missing CR&S):


Amended back cover for 13/2 (and 14/2 late if using above for early only):


I used the DP styled leftover cover for the early show only, just because I already had it copied separately on a CD, and when I compiled the rest of the leftovers actually used an especially snazzy cover for a bootleg for the 13th (which I also stuck leftovers from the 14th late show on – the fiddled with final picture above is the bootlegs rear cover, obscuring the original track listing, three quarters of which is on DP4). The top back cover for the leftovers above is what I suppose I’d do now, leaving just the 13th leftovers to use the bootleg cover with (which, after all was the concert it originally presented the highlights from).

Confusing? Even moreso, considering DP4 is essentially the leftovers for volume 1 of the non- continued “history of the Dead” series, which I also edited out from my copies (and above covers)…. complicated! I guess the  variations above are there for personal choice of anyone who actually wants to use any of the above. The CRS omitting early show is still on gdlive‘s mp3 section. I used sugarmegs for the SBD remnants for the late shows and 13th early show, patched with the auds for the same (13th early, 13th late, 14th late).

The enhanced image for the DP4 leftover front cover, incidentally, is from a cover for the same on a no longer active Grateful Dead site called DeadPieshop, which may have some relationship with this one, which nonetheless seems to have no covers at all..

I sometimes think I spent too much time on this little project.

Dick’s Picks Leftovers – Volume 14


There’s a reasonable amount missing from DP14, so I decided to compile it. I just used the 3 audience recordings (the one for 30/11 for CD 1, the brief one for what was on it for the 2/12 and the longer one for the rest for CD2). There’s some good stuff on there, and room for some of it on DP14, which makes you think maybe Dick was a bit too severe an editor at times, even if he knew how to pick the concerts

It’s a beautiful day back in 1968

iabd May-1968 backb
Another combo, for the front cover  seen here on youtube , edited from the front cover from bigozine .

Partly redid it to get a clear picture of the poster, but mostly because 23/5/68 is a significantly longer concert than is represented on bigozine,
with obviously a longer setlist, so I wanted to do a different back to reflect that and it’s sprawl over CDs 1 and 2 anyway. Should probably have made the script larger, mind….