Guess Who, back for the Ambassador


The Guess Who? At the Ambassador, St Louis, Missouri, 6th of May 1974. Pretty good concert, nice recording. Used the recording and front cover from 24hourdejavu, because it’s slightly quirky and because the other front cover was just a reproduction of the Paramount live LP cover, which I’ve got. Re-arranged the back, however, from the latter because it didn’t reflect the arrangement from 24hourdejavu, which this back cover does.


Robin in Boston

Robin Trower 1977-10-16-frbRobin Trower 1977-10-16-bk

Robin Trower live in Boston Music Hall 16th of October 1977. I used Plumdusty’s swanky pre-existing covers, but preferred the pictures on the inside to the outside, so I switched them onto the outside instead (which are all I use in my slim plastic CD wallets),  largely to get what is hopefully a moodier look from the resultingly tighter colour scheme.

Three free from Freiburg


Zoller, Mangelsdorff and Mouzon, live in Freiburg in 1975, recording from Inconstant Sol. It’s a really nice set! Accessible and interesting.


Budgie at my Fathers Place


Budgie live at My Fathers Place in Roslyn, NY, November 25th 1976. I can’t remember how certain I was about the second guitarist being at this – doesn’t look to be on the source message, although it might be on the original source. It’s an OK recording and a spirited gig.


Man or Astroman? Still excellent after all these Space years?

moam2011moam 2011-2

An excellent listen,  in terms of both performance and sound! Also excellent posters taken from the similarly excellent Live Archive, where the excellent recorder excellently saved them along with the excellent audio files.


Touloos to lose


Touloos Ta’ Truck (a Phil Lesh side project) live in Fairfax, 17th May 1976. A lovely recording of a load of jolly rock’n’roll!


Jethro Tull Hammersmith ’84 expanded


Jethro Tull live at the Hammersmith Odeon London, September 9th 1984. Originally an hour broadcast as part of the Radio 1 Friday Night Rock Show, this was officially released as such (ages later and ages ago), but the full show is on Wolfgangs vault. This is the back cover for those who want to use the cover from the former, but the full music from the latter.


Back Page Black Sab Jam


For some reason I ended up copying the Ontario Speedway “California Jam” gig on April 6th 1974 by Black Sabbath 3 times – all versions seemed to be slightly different recordings (one I think was a rehash of Gr’ndlepol, a classic bootleg with some tracks from another gig (Asbury 75?) so had completely different versions of a couple of songs). Anyway, for reasons best left as being too much time on my hands I copied 3 different covers, one of which didn’t seem to have a back cover, so I made this. Inaccuracies are deliberate – it’s a bootleg, right?


The Royal Organ


organ front

organ 1aorgan 1borgan 2aorgan 2borgan 3aorgan 3borgan back

This was a massive series of concerts on Radio 3 to celebrate the restoration of the Organ in the Royal Festival Hall in London. This is pretty much the whole lot – it’s good, and quite varied, so long as you like (quite a bit of) a bit of organ! So obscure it’s not even referenced anymore on the BBCs Website. Quite disappointing that they delete the pages of concerts – surely it would have been nice to have kept them at least as a nice index of programmes? Anyway, on the bizarre offchance anyone else also copied almost the whole lot (and the same almost the whole lot), ordered them in exactly the same way and wants some covers – here they are!